Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Figure Network features Linda Apriletti

Colorful Strokes
Linda never stops to amaze everyone. Within her quiet personality there is music inside her. I look at her paintings and I get inspired. When she came initially to the Artcenter I was really impressed of how fast she could paint. In one class she was able to accomplish a stunning composition, an under painting, and several layers of paint with vibrant and colorful tone values. Some more details and the piece will be completely done.

Ms. Apriletti is a prolific painter and doesn't waste time once she focuses on painting. Linda has the eye of a great photographer, the intense brush strokes of a “Sargent”, and the beauty, color and craft of a “Constable” or “Hopper”.

Her painting "Impending Storm at Deering Estate" which won 3rd Place this April at the Deering Estate Plein Air competition will be on display for the next several months in the Richmond Cottage Gallery on the Deering Estate property.
The Figure Network and I believe that Linda will establish herself among the next best leading painters of America in the upcoming years. And she will be featured in the most important art magazines.

The Figure Network is proud to have Linda Apriletti as an active participant supportive artist of the network seminars.
Best of successes!!!

Linda Apriletti upcoming show will be in November at The Figure Network Gallery as part as the second Saturdays of the month art walk in the Wynwood arts district.
For more info about Linda's work including bio, resume and most recent artwork:

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Scarlet said...

What Linda can do with a paintbrush is incredible! I've admired her work from day one and with her amazing talent and creativity, she is destined to become one of the great artists of America.

Brikoldoge said...

Linda is an amazing artist!

Monique Lassooij said...

In her work Linda does not only show her talent and skills, but foremost her love and respect for nature. Her creations shows the beauty of nature. She does this without trying to photocopy what she sees, but merely wants to share the joy nature brings her.