Monday, August 11, 2008

Mr. or Ms. Nobody

There is a model living inside you. Its name is “nobody”. It's the product of your mind or it is born from the recollection of the times you have drawn a life model or from a reference too. It is in your unconscious and it is waiting for you to materialize it into a medium. It is waiting for you to put it into action, to give it life, to improvise it, to imagine it, to give it form, to animate it. It is waiting for you to give it the art dance of life.

I am always encouraging you to draw what you see, but sometimes it is good to exercise your mind.
Be creative!!!, attempt to draw models from your head with the knowledge and recollections of memories that you can recall. (and write the muscle names next to it)
Male or female, it don't matter.
Draw what you don't see...

Another reflection from The Figure Network

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