Sunday, July 19, 2009

The power of gesture - sketch drawing and improvisation in the creative process using the dynamic figure

It is sometimes difficult for the contemporary fine artist to make decisions on what to draw or paint in these times of mass artists, technology and art conflicts. With the invention of photography centuries ago and the current contemporary digital art revolution, it becomes even more difficult for the modern fine artist to have some recognition in the art world.

I always say drawing is the key to the many doors and portals that will lead you to good paintings and own voice no matter what kind of style you approach. It is a slow and secure process and as any famous artist in history, influences play an important role in this process.

Sometimes we are afraid drawing from our head and we spend a lifetime drawing from pure reference. And as I mentioned earlier, with the arrival of technology and digital art, fine art drawings and paintings done from pre-established reference will become more and more less original in the art world, which I consider a very unhealthy approach for the future of the arts. Drawing and painting remind us that we are not perfect as humans, no matter how much we or we'll evolutionate in the upcoming generations of our civilization.

I invite you to draw more and more and improvise no matter how it comes out. By activating your creative process you'll enter new horizons in the realm of your imagination. Your work will become more original and pure with these exercises and will help to keep a solid future for the creative fine artist.

Here are some drawings that I created in a short period of time with the intention of contrast this idea previously mentioned.

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