Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome - The Figure Network / an intro.

Actually, this idea emerged thanks to the kindly support and encouragement from my students at the ArtCenter south Florida in Lincoln Road. After three years of teaching at the center my family and I moved on to a new life but I had to find a way of staying in touch. The Figure Network, once a month, two days, sixteen hours...perfect. A complete package was generated were all my classes were condensed in two days. I thought it was effective and after a few feedback it seemed like project with a future.
The Figure Network is a whole new art generation of artists where of course, the figure as the main actor will be explored from a very academic realistic drawing or painting to a more modern - abstract approach. The project promises to be of great benefit for all artists and art students trying to make a career with their art and a great initiative to help fulfill the artists dreams.
Here is a little about the project;

The figure network workshops is an educational human figure art program and artist development classes open for all the artists interested in the human figure such as fine artists, illustrators, computer animators, designers, undergraduate art students and high school art students. The program is also an ideal helpful tool for students going for a visual arts degree in painting and drawing.

The Figure Network Workshops
The Complete Artist Development Seminars by Darwin Leon
The Anatomy for the Artist sessions: (All levels welcome)

The Figure Network workshops is committed to conquer the human figure. The network believes in drawing the human figure revising classical and traditional observation methods from the great masters of the renaissance and other periods in art history to more contemporary. I will be presenting high skills anatomical points of view to the student with the purpose of transmitting fundamental and advance knowledge when drawing the human figure. The figure will be drawn from pure observation. Short and long poses will be provided. The workshop is committed to present complete visual and textual anatomical reference as well as illustrations of the figure in any given situation. All anatomical reference is based on valuable research and revision from a variety of resources which becomes accessible and straightforward for the practical everyday active figure artist.
Related topics:
-Universal Anatomy for the artist
-The Dynamic human figure-Draw what you see
- Drawing with your eyes-Draw what you don’t see
- Drawing with your mind
-The creative human figure
-Creating the figure’s environment (Narration)
-The distortion and abstraction of the figure

The Modern Modes of Expressions-Artist Development sessions: (All levels welcome)
After an intense objective exercise with the human figure the day before this is the perfect class for self expression and relaxation in this day number two. In this class you'll have the freedom to explore, search and investigate your own style. One of the biggest issues or questions now days with the artists is what to create, paint or draw. The class will provide with intense and powerful tools to activate and exercise the creative process. I will help you in the process of discovering yourself, your inner abilities and talents. The main medium will be oil on canvas but all mediums and surfaces are welcome from acrylics, to water colors, pastels, color pencils, ink, color ink, markers. The student also has the choice to just draw.
Related topics:
-Art Expressions and Styles in Modern Art
-Bad art, good art
-Subjective art thinking
-Objective art thinking
-Critical art thinking
-Debating about art
-Promoting your art
-To be or not to be famous
The figure network is also committed to open the doors to artist’s exposure. Artists with high quality successfully completed drawings and paintings will have the opportunity to upload their finish work at the figure network web site and share it with the network community. It will also promote the artist's work with the purpose of finding the right gallery or project space for exhibition.

The Figure Network is in the process for gallery space which will be an incredible opportunity for the artists for group exhibitions and individual shows.

250 NW 23rd St. #204
Miami, FL 33127

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